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Government is a system by which things are managed in a state or county. It is that powerful body which controls hundreds of communities by implementing a particular law and strategy. Government is the intermediary which makes policy for a state or country and helps to implement the same. Governments have been in existence for thousands of years and they have been serving us in the best possible manner. A nation without government or a body like government cannot be imagined as it controls law, rights, economy and all the major things. It offers many kinds of services like, government houses, police station, courts, tehsil , child welfare power plant and many more. 

All of the above mentioned categories have different offices from where they facilitate the common people. Those are the places where a common man can go and ask for services that are under his rights. If something comes under the state government it will be sorted out at that level otherwise it will be shifted to national government body. These government offices help to deliver what is rightfully needed to be delivered to the citizens of the nation. 

Proper knowledge about these government offices and services can be very helpful in most of the situations. Linkkar is fully loaded with hundreds of government offices as well as those residential places where you can stay for a lesser amount. Just remember government is for us only and we should get as much help as we can. 

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